Friday, 8 July 2016

Command Squad WIP

So I've been making some progress with my Blood Angels Command Squad. I know they're not super competitive, but they are great looking units with tons of scope for cool paint jobs. The ones I have are a kitbashed from assault squad, sanguinary guard and tactical squad bits and pieces.

So far the whole gang have base colours on and washes I'm just starting to highlight them up. This morning I did all the reds on the company champion, and first stage red on the sanguinary novitiate:

I'm going to get them all to the stage of the champion before I do the final highlight...just so I can get the colouration and the depth consistent.  I am really pleased with how smooth the transitions are on the champion; I don't have an airbrush and find it hard to get that smooth tone change right with the brush.

I'm looking forward to painting the company standard; it's the one from the sanguinary guard set, and looks really great fun to do. I'm also going to try and do some kind of freehand design on the champions shield if I have the time...suggestions for designs welcome as always!

That's it for now.