Saturday, 31 October 2015

Sanguinary Priest

So, my old school apothecary was pretty shocking:


No matter, time to save myself some money and create a Sanguinary Priest.  Fistly I  stripped him off in Dettol and then set about making him a bit more 'fluff' appropriate...

Early on I decapitated him, as I particularly didn't like the helmetless effort that he came with.  I replaced that with a suitably sanguinary looking helmet.  I then added a chainsword arm from the Death Company sprue, and a really nice shoulder pad.  I also cut and attached a bolt pistol to his Narthecium arm (this was tricky because of the sizes of the bits).  Finally I pinned him to a resin base and added some purity seals etc and he looked a bit like this:

I think much better.  Next stage was to paint him I went for a unique cream and red affair.  I don't really like the bright white on armour, the Deathwing style looks a bit more grimdark I think...and should sit in better with the rest of my guys.

A bit better looking now...

Still needs gems doing, basing and some touch ups here and there but a nearly done WIP.  Let me know what you guys think...This was my first attempt at converting its all new for me!