Sunday, 1 November 2015

Tyranid Colour Scheme

So I think nids are really cool...I got a few Termegants on the cheap and decided to have a go at painting them up. I have taken some of the inspiration from CrankyWarGamer...and modified things a bit to suit me. Let me know what you think...

First up...apologies, some of the WIP shots have been lost due to phone difficulties.  I will post some new ones in when I paint my next 'nids.  In the meantime, I have added photos of my other guys at similar stages for reference.

So I primed in black and then put a coat of Kantor Blue over the fleshy areas.  I then go over the flesh with Lothern Blue...this is when the models look at their maximum jankiness. 

Next comes a white drybrush. Now I tried to do this with deliberately poor technique to give the skin some texture. As it turns out, the rubbish drybrush looks a bit like denim when it's all washed down...not deliberate, but gives the illusion of the skin not being smooth. I really like the smoothskin style as well, I may have a go at a different hivefleet in the future...I quite fancied doing a really organic slick brown style...time is my limiting factor though.

Looking at the model at this stage, you could easily peel off here and go down an ice-nids route...that'd be cool.

Some details now; Khorne Red for all the bits. I went for a more orangey red on the plating as I did some reading about colour theory and that seemed to be a good spot against the sky blue...contrast and all that.

And here is another example, my carnifex, finished up and based (very simple sand and slate, black prime then drybrushed up in grey tones to nearly white).

I'm really keen to hear any feedback about the scheme or any other aspect of my stuffs...I will shortly post a few pictures taken with proper backgrounds etc to show my models off a bit better. Later on..