Saturday, 30 April 2016

Chimera Conversion part 3

So I made a few changes since the last post! As I was putting the details on, I found that I didn't like the arrangement of the I jigged it about a bit. I moved the bed roll that was on the turret side down onto the hull, added an ammo box for the heavy stubber, and put a spare track set up on the turret. 

I also started to put the finishing touches onto the non-paintwork areas. The tracks on the turret are supposed to look really rusted  (there's no wear on them to keep them shiny). I got to this stage by basing in black, then a wet brush coat on Rhinox Hide, followed by progressively lighter mixes of Rhinox and Skrag Brown stippled on (each shade lighter having a bit less coverage). I then put the final shades on mixing in some Ryza Rust. I then put on a splattering of Typhus Corrosion, being sure not to obliterate any of the earlier stages.

The tracks have followed the same technique, except they need to get a drybrush of a dark silver over the areas that will have wear. This is tricky, the first time I did it I ended up having to start over as the metal was too heavy, and I couldn't save it with creative washes.

Smaller rusty areas like the ammo box and shovel were done slightly differently. Firstly I painted them up silver, and washed with Nuln oil.  Then I dabbed on some Typhus Corrosion around the edges and let it dry. I then built up those rusted areas with the Rhinox hide/Skrag Brown mix, and finished off with Ryza Rust. Lastly I washed the whole lot with Agrax Earthshade. I did cheat a bit and put back on the tiniest bit of Ryza after the wash had dried...just for some more depth. I reckon it's pretty convincing, and looked a lot like my reference pictures:

I also put some colour on the heraldry, I thought it looked a bit boring in plain silver. In essence, I wanted them to look like aged brass. To do this I painted them silver, and washed down with Nuln oil. I then did a really rough brass highlight (I like Vallejo model air Bright take a lot of mixing, bit goes on soo nicely), being sure to keep silver in a bunch of areas. I didn't want to shell out for the GW technical paint to make the verdigris (it's such a small amount!) so I made my own...I put Warpstone Glow with Lothern Blue in an 20:80 mix, and then added water until it was really very thin indeed. I splashed some of it around in the recesses (it behaves like a wash) and the effect is pretty cool!

There's just a few final flourishes left now to finish the model in time for the next competition, the tracks being the most time consuming of those. I hope you guys like it so far and are finding it useful to see some of these techniques...I'm just experimenting and finding out what works for me at the same time!