Saturday, 16 April 2016

Chimera Conversion

So Deathwatch Overkill came out and I picked up all of the genestealer cult models from ebay. I've loved the fluff for the cult since I was a kid; with the exception of the hideous genestealer limousine. So cue the next project: a looted chimera for the cult. The idea is that it was the pride of the local pdf until it was stolen and whitewashed. Now its falling apart.

There are a bunch of cool chimera conversions online, but I decided to go with a home brew process pinched from the back 40k. I like the set back turret look, and this was challenging to build (my first go with greenstuff). I won't go through the conversion steps, the back 40k has a huge tutorial spread over three blog posts...I will just show you how mine turned out with one WIP shot:

The barrel on the side was interesting, if only because it required some creative chopping to get it to sit flush:

I always find it a bit hard to see what something looks like when there's loads of different mediums on it, so here's one of the tank with the primer on:

I stuck with a flamer turret, partly because I really don't like the laser gun turret look, but also I feel like this tank would be deploying the cult in close quarters, so the flamer would be a high impact weapon for them.

The next step in the painting scheme is to preshade the model before the whitewash coats go on. In this case I wanted the tanks base colour to be a grey, urban camo type affair. It quite simply is drybrushed up from black to a light grey...This is probably better done with an airbrush, but i dont have one. I also put on the purple company stripe (which happily goes well with a genestealer cult theme!: