Saturday, 16 April 2016

Competition Entries

Loads of people say that entering a competitive painting event is a good way to improve your that's what I did!
This was my entry for the local Konversion Kompetition, where I placed a respectable 4th:

Here is entry for the local Battle of the Brush competition. It is a Librarian Turmiel which I have removed the Dark Angel icons from and painted in a scheme to match my Blood Angels. I really like the model, it's a great sculpt and I like the pose. This was my first go at glazing, you can see that the cape is a bit rough around the transitions, but it still looks pretty cool. I also glazed the patterns on the force sword...I'm not sure I am totally happy with the way they came out, but they demonstrate the technique really well.

Either way, it was good enough to win 1st place! Hopefully more competitions to come, I may submit my converted chimera to something soon if the paint job comes out ok. Thanks for reading...I hope to be better at posting more regularly from now on!