Sunday, 12 June 2016

Competition entry updates!

I am carrying on entering my local GW painting competitions...I am convinced that it is a great way to improve my painting, and I feel like I am getting better and better results each time. I recently entered my heavily weathered chimera into the vehicles class, where I posted a respectable 2nd place! 

The winning unit was a Space Wolves Contemptor that was frankly stunning, so I don't feel too bad about missing out on top spot!

The next competition is a single unit hero class, so I am going to enter one of my assault marines, the guy at the front here:

I have tried to do some freehand on the right shoulder, and will post my experiences when it's a bit more complete.
After that is going to be the next squad competition, and I  going to enter these guys:

They are my new Blood Angels command squad, with jump packs. I love these guys as they are pretty much kitbashed from sanguinary guard, death company, tactical squads and assault marine jump packs. I am really looking forward to doing the banner, and might try out some more free handing, depending on how my current guy goes! Better pictures will follow, of course.

The month after that is a vehicle competition, so I am just now awaiting delivery of my first land raider crusader to paint up. I've got big plans to take the top spot with that one...if anyone has any ideas or suggestions for how to make it great, please let me know!

I did some more this evening on the single miniature entry I have going, and made a start on the dreaded yellow helmet. Everyone says yellow is tough to get right, and I agree! I have gone for a grimdark feel again, not the hyper highlighted look from the codex. I've also tried to wetblend up from the shaded areas up to the highlights. I don't think it's too bad for a first go, I may come back to it again later on..

Averland Sunset washed with Seraphim Sepia and Agrax right in the crevasses. Then highlighted up through Averland and to almost pure Flash Gitz yellow.

Sorry for the short is killer, so I'm not getting as much hobby time as I would like...any comments about the stuff I'm working on, let me know...I would love to hear them!