Monday, 30 November 2015


This was the first miniature of my renaissance painting career! I used to love my old school metal dreadnought...None of my mates had one and it demolished everything else in 3e. He was looking a little worse for wear though; even when his torso sat upon his legs.

Not bad blending on the melta though! 

So he went for a Dettol bath, along with a bunch of my other 3e metal models.

Once cleaned down I rebuilt him as he was, adding only a resin base and a few little details that I picked up off of Bitzbox. I also drilled all of the gun barrels...something I am now doing with ally models.

Here is a few photos of him getting painted up, washed and highlighted. The recipie is exactly the same as I used for my devastators. The only difference here is that I tried to wet blend the panels to give them some tonal variation within the panels themselves. I also tried to narrow the pallet down a bit, to keep everything a bit more keyed in.

I hope you guys like it, as always feedback is gratefully received (just bear in mind this was the first mini I had painted in nearly 20 years!).