Monday, 30 November 2015


So I went on an eBay shopping spree and bought a bunch of the Space Hulk new release termies.  I chopped them off of the weirdy shaped bases and pinned them onto some regulation sized resin ones. I then set about painting them with my usual blood angel recipie....and here are the results.

Spot the odd one out! Captain Karlaen for good measure.

Also loved the sculpt here...did not love the FineCast. 
 For a bit of fun, I wanted to make my army commander look a bit his armour had been passed down through generations. So I basically modified and changed the colour scheme on a Kaldor Draigo. He looks pretty good with the other only regret is not changing the storm shield for a blood angel assault terminator one. Sadly I couldn't get hold of the piece, so maybe later :-(