Saturday, 28 November 2015

Rhino Salvage Job and Tank Painting

So I had a battered old predator and a mk1 rhino sitting at home...Both in need of some love. I've decided to paint them up for my Blood Angels, and add a second mk1 rhino to the brigade. Here is a brief run down of the work in progress.

I bought a particularly ropey mk1 rhino on ebay...It had clearly been  painted over a few times and even had some plastic heraldry stuck on top of the paintwork (!).  It got ripped apart and stripped in Dettol.  Sadly some damage happened to the chassis below the left hand headlight...This will become battle damage later on.  I've then had to separate many of the components to clean it properly, and scrape out what looks like araldite from the sections.

So I then set about updating things a bit. I changed the doors for new predator top hatches (with their surrounds), chopped off the bendy exhaust pipes (a couple were missing anyways) and reconstructed them with plastic tubing and scratch made the arrows for the top hatch and front plates.  I also stuck a couple of trinkets on for decoration.

Looking a lot better off now

So that's where I'm up to with the rhino...more to follow.

Here is my predator work in progress. I have painted it in exactly the same formula that I use for my marines and went for a slightly unusual colour scheme.  The sponsors have gone (too badly damaged to repair) and the autocannon (again damaged) was cut away and replaced with the lascannons.

This photo shows some early weathering that I have been doing with washes. I am going for a battle scarred and well used look here, so there's still some way to go. I may even make this my first venture into using weathering pigments...I will post more pics when it's done.